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PBC News & Comment: Netanyahu Stoops to Racism, Forgery in Tight Election

As Israelis vote, stench lingers from Netanyahu’s racist comments about Arab citizens, exposure of faked endorsement from minor party’s leader….

--Likud admits it circulated faked recording of endorsement by ex-Likudist Moshe Kahlon

--apartheid policies advanced by Avigdor Lieberman caused Arab parties to close ranks

--new charges that Syrian military used chlorine gas; last week, IS was accused of using chlorine in Iraq

--Judicial Council investigation of Judge Mark Fuller’s domestic violence incident, Bradblog releases full 911 recording which undercuts self-defense claim

--amid latest embarrassment, Secret Service director says agents use booze to relieve stress, and can we have $8 million for a White House mockup?

--CIA director Brennan says social media makes it harder to fight terror

--ACLU sues to force disclosure of Obama’s kill lists and drone strike details

--last week, Wikipedia sued NSA to end surveillance; NYPD routinely sanitizes Wikipedia entries about its brutality

--for first time ever, a prosecutor will go to jail for wrongfully convicting an innocent man, reports HuffPo

--energy-related carbon emissions were flat in 2014, an achievement

--Al Gore is more optimistic about addressing climate change…will he run for president in 2016?

--Martin O’Malley was pretty progressive as Governor of Maryland…will he challenge Hillary?

--Carly Fiorina is a failed CEO who ran bizarre campaign for Senate from California in 2010…why is she running for president?