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PBC News & Comment: Netanyahu Stoops to Racism, Forgery in Tight Election

As Israelis vote, stench lingers from Netanyahu’s racist comments about Arab citizens, exposure of faked endorsement from minor party’s leader….

–Likud admits it circulated faked recording of endorsement by ex-Likudist Moshe Kahlon

–apartheid policies advanced by Avigdor Lieberman caused Arab parties to close ranks

–new charges that Syrian military used chlorine gas; last week, IS was accused of using chlorine in Iraq

–Judicial Council investigation of Judge Mark Fuller’s domestic violence incident, Bradblog releases full 911 recording which undercuts self-defense claim

–amid latest embarrassment, Secret Service director says agents use booze to relieve stress, and can we have $8 million for a White House mockup?

–CIA director Brennan says social media makes it harder to fight terror

–ACLU sues to force disclosure of Obama’s kill lists and drone strike details

–last week, Wikipedia sued NSA to end surveillance; NYPD routinely sanitizes Wikipedia entries about its brutality

–for first time ever, a prosecutor will go to jail for wrongfully convicting an innocent man, reports HuffPo

–energy-related carbon emissions were flat in 2014, an achievement

–Al Gore is more optimistic about addressing climate change…will he run for president in 2016?

–Martin O’Malley was pretty progressive as Governor of Maryland…will he challenge Hillary?

–Carly Fiorina is a failed CEO who ran bizarre campaign for Senate from California in 2010…why is she running for president?