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PBC News & Comment: Saudis, Emirates and Egypt Join the Fun in Yemen

Egypt, Saudis join clusterf#@k in Yemen as Iraqi Shiite militias under Iran’s direction refuse to fight in Tikrit, chaos grows….

--US is providing intel and support to Gulf Cooperation Council as Saudis and Iran squabble over Yemen

--meanwhile, Iranian-led Shiite militias in Iraq refuse to fight for Tikrit due to US airstrike support

--in another mysterious airliner crash, co-pilot appears to have committed suicide by airplane

--using Snowden docs, Greenwald deftly shows that Israel’s denials of spying on the US are laughably false

--two interesting think pieces about Israel: David Glick says “the mask is off” after Netanyahu’s pre-election comments ; Henry Noor offers critical view of NPR’s weak coverage of Iran’s nuke intentions

--Bowe Bergdahl faces desertion charges

--new WikiLeaks disclosure of TPP draft chapter raises new alarms

--California’s attorney general seeks to kill draft voter initiative to “kill all gays”