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PBC News & Comment: Saudis, Emirates and Egypt Join the Fun in Yemen

Egypt, Saudis join clusterf#@k in Yemen as Iraqi Shiite militias under Iran’s direction refuse to fight in Tikrit, chaos grows….

–US is providing intel and support to Gulf Cooperation Council as Saudis and Iran squabble over Yemen

–meanwhile, Iranian-led Shiite militias in Iraq refuse to fight for Tikrit due to US airstrike support

–in another mysterious airliner crash, co-pilot appears to have committed suicide by airplane

–using Snowden docs, Greenwald deftly shows that Israel’s denials of spying on the US are laughably false

–two interesting think pieces about Israel: David Glick says “the mask is off” after Netanyahu’s pre-election comments ; Henry Noor offers critical view of NPR’s weak coverage of Iran’s nuke intentions

–Bowe Bergdahl faces desertion charges

–new WikiLeaks disclosure of TPP draft chapter raises new alarms

–California’s attorney general seeks to kill draft voter initiative to “kill all gays”