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PBC News & Comment: Bellicose Bolton Blares: “Bomb Iran!”

Neocon John Bolton calls the tune, “Let’s Bomb Iran” in NY Times op-ed that links to contrary evidence from Iraq…

--despite hot wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, Israel’s American allies sabotage nuke talks and demand more war

--as Jon Schwartz notes at The Intercept, Bolton’s bellicose column linked to article that contradicts a key assertion

--Jeb Bush unfriends Poppy’s consigliere after Jim Baker criticizes Netanyahu

--Gareth Porter reports that the final barrier to a deal with Iran is the removal of sanctions, as deadline nears

--Israel will release some tax revenue to Palestinian Authority

--the new proxy war in Yemen continues with more Saudi air strikes and reports of civilian deaths

--in strong editorial, NY Times hits Obama’s “dangerous escalation” in Iraq

--in new Processing Distortion interview, Prof. David Coates of Wake Forest talks about his new book, America in the Shadows of Empire

--NY Times also editorializes against prosecution of Bowe Bergdahl

--Sen. Harry Reid will not run again, prefers Schumer as next Dem leader

--CIA fires counterterrorism boss, and media plays the game that Mike D’Andrea’s name is a secret

--as Sens. Warren and Brown call for reining in banksters, Wall Street threatens to withhold campaign cash

--California Supreme Court orders changes to extreme law on sex offenders