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PBC News & Comment: Bellicose Bolton Blares: “Bomb Iran!”

Neocon John Bolton calls the tune, “Let’s Bomb Iran” in NY Times op-ed that links to contrary evidence from Iraq…

–despite hot wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, Israel’s American allies sabotage nuke talks and demand more war

–as Jon Schwartz notes at The Intercept, Bolton’s bellicose column linked to article that contradicts a key assertion

–Jeb Bush unfriends Poppy’s consigliere after Jim Baker criticizes Netanyahu

–Gareth Porter reports that the final barrier to a deal with Iran is the removal of sanctions, as deadline nears

–Israel will release some tax revenue to Palestinian Authority

–the new proxy war in Yemen continues with more Saudi air strikes and reports of civilian deaths

–in strong editorial, NY Times hits Obama’s “dangerous escalation” in Iraq

–in new Processing Distortion interview, Prof. David Coates of Wake Forest talks about his new book, America in the Shadows of Empire

NY Times also editorializes against prosecution of Bowe Bergdahl

–Sen. Harry Reid will not run again, prefers Schumer as next Dem leader

–CIA fires counterterrorism boss, and media plays the game that Mike D’Andrea’s name is a secret

–as Sens. Warren and Brown call for reining in banksters, Wall Street threatens to withhold campaign cash

–California Supreme Court orders changes to extreme law on sex offenders