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PBC News & Comment: Reducing Surveillance to Dick Pics, John Oliver Interviews Ed Snowden

John Oliver grills Ed Snowden in HBO interview, reducing complex issues of government surveillance to protection for our "dick pics"......

--Oliver hits below the belt, noting that Americans don’t care about government surveillance, but want dick pics kept the interview here

--former ACLU superlawyer Burt Neuborne celebrates the entire first amendment in Madison’s Music, detailed in our latest in-depth interview

--in NY Times op-ed, Timothy Egan notes the selective outrage of corporate leaders who challenged Indiana, Arkansas laws

--Obama sells preliminary Iran deal as “our best bet”

--Gareth Porter notes that no detailed declaration was signed, so both sides are spinning the terms of the framework

--American networks feature Netanyahu’s hysterical objections to Iran deal

--Israel shows max chutzpah in its demands for next phase of Iran talks, but at least the list is somewhat substantive

--NY Times finally reports on more than $2 million in pro-Israel money that went to Sen. Tom Cotton’s campaign

--Abbas rejects Israel’s partial payment of Palestinian tax receipts, demands full payment

--fresh round of hostage taking in Syrian war, Daesh took control of Palestinian refugee camp, pop. 18,000

--al-Nusra kidnaps 300 Kurdish men in north Syria

--separate militant group, Jaish al-mujahaddin, swaps 25 women and children with Assad for one of their commanders

--as Boston Bomber case enters final arguments, new report says cops were out of control on day of Dzhokhar capture

--NY judge allows woman to serve elusive ex-husband via Facebook