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PBC News & Comment: Reducing Surveillance to Dick Pics, John Oliver Interviews Ed Snowden

John Oliver grills Ed Snowden in HBO interview, reducing complex issues of government surveillance to protection for our “dick pics”……

–Oliver hits below the belt, noting that Americans don’t care about government surveillance, but want dick pics kept private…watch the interview here

–former ACLU superlawyer Burt Neuborne celebrates the entire first amendment in Madison’s Music, detailed in our latest in-depth interview

–in NY Times op-ed, Timothy Egan notes the selective outrage of corporate leaders who challenged Indiana, Arkansas laws

–Obama sells preliminary Iran deal as “our best bet”

–Gareth Porter notes that no detailed declaration was signed, so both sides are spinning the terms of the framework

–American networks feature Netanyahu’s hysterical objections to Iran deal

–Israel shows max chutzpah in its demands for next phase of Iran talks, but at least the list is somewhat substantive

–NY Times finally reports on more than $2 million in pro-Israel money that went to Sen. Tom Cotton’s campaign

–Abbas rejects Israel’s partial payment of Palestinian tax receipts, demands full payment

–fresh round of hostage taking in Syrian war, Daesh took control of Palestinian refugee camp, pop. 18,000

–al-Nusra kidnaps 300 Kurdish men in north Syria

–separate militant group, Jaish al-mujahaddin, swaps 25 women and children with Assad for one of their commanders

–as Boston Bomber case enters final arguments, new report says cops were out of control on day of Dzhokhar capture

–NY judge allows woman to serve elusive ex-husband via Facebook