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PBC News & Comment: In California Drought, Gov. Brown Favors Frackers and Corporate Farmers

As a little much-needed rain falls here, parched Californians challenge Gov. Moonbeam’s water priorities, favoring agribiz and frackers….

--new reports shows frackers used 70 million gallons of water in 2014

--fracking caused more than 5,400 earthquakes in Oklahoma in 2014

--yesterday, I meant to mention that artist-activists installed bust of Snowden at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn (see video here), and CBS morning show only mentioned part of Oliver-Snowden chat

--in its coverage of latest “domestic terrorism” bust, CBS mentions the paid informant but goes full propaganda mode

--Obama rejects Israel’s escalating demands of Iran

--Rand Paul announces run for president

--in op-ed, whistleblower lawyer Stephen Kohn challenges corporate gag orders

--Chicago voters face runoff choice of Rahm vs. Jesus today

--Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signs law banning a type of second trimester abortion

--low levels of Fukushima radiation detected in British Columbia

--humanitarian crisis continues at IS-controlled Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus

--Pakistan is ready to jump into the war in Yemen…would that make it a “world war”?