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PBC News & Comment: Iran Gets Squirrely Over Nuke Deal, War in Yemen

As Israel and AIPAC-controlled Congress meddle in Iran deal, the Ayatollah micromanages, trying to shift sanctions terms…

–Khamenei and Rouhani both insist all sanctions must end with signing of deal, June 30 deadline is just a goal

–Iran sends 2 warships to coast of Yemen, slams Saudis and their allies for “making a mistake” in fighting Houthis

–Houthis gain ground despite air strikes, taking Ataq, a Sunni stronghold

–CIA boss Brennan says the sanctions brought Iran to table

–at The Intercept, Lee Fang lists a number of congressional staffers on critical committees are former lobbyists

–Sen. Feinstein continues project to catalog all of the secret surveillance programs

–Ferguson highlighted how local governments exploit poor people with heavy enforcement and fines…over 4 million Californians have suspended licenses due to poverty;  Susan Greenbaum op-ed is here, Bob Egelko article is here

–National Institute on Drug Abuse finally notes that marijuana has many potential medical benefits

–comic genius Stan Freberg dies, we pay tribute with his Banana Boat spoof