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PBC News & Comment: DEA Exposed, Sued for 20-year Dragnet of Phone Records

DEA’s War on Some Drugs first to use “warrantless” dragnet collection of millions of phone call records, started 1992….

--for more than 20 years, DEA used bulk collection of Americans’ international phone calls

--despite new law blocking federal prosecution of medical marijuana outlets that are legal under state law, “Justice” Dept. continues pursuit of jail time for Charles Lynch

--amateur video exposes cops who killed unarmed black man in South Carolina for lying, manipulating evidence

--in Arizona, Governor vetoes bill that would hide identity of a cop who uses deadly force

--Ferguson elects 2 blacks to city council, Chicago gives Rahm Emmanuel second term as mayor amid election fraud reports

--Boston jury convicts Tsarnaev on all counts, same jury will decide on death penalty

--Israel jails Palestinian leader without charge or trial who has been involved in joining international court

--in Lebanon, tribunal investigating assassination of Hariri charges a journalist for coverage of the investigation

--in Pakistan, judge charges former top lawyer at CIA and former station chief over drone strike in 2009

--Gitmo prisoner released by Bush in 2006 is arrested in Uganda, suspected of killing prosecutor

--Obama leaves today for Jamaica and Panama, expected to announce Cuba’s removal from terrorism list

--Islamic State releases 216 Yazidis held since last summer