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PBC News & Comment: As Hillary Launches Inevitable 2.0, Surprise Challenger Surfaces

Lincoln Chafee, the moderate GOP Senator turned Independent Rhode Island Governor, morphs into Democratic presidential candidate, surprising just about everyone….

–team Hillary leaks her weekend launch plans, then sends disingenuous email suggesting she hasn’t made final decision

–possible candidate Joe Biden blabbers about great progress against IS contradicted by

–report that IS counterattack in Anbar, killing 40 and gaining ground, and

–report that IS closes in on Damascus after seizing Yarmouk refugee camp

–Wisconsin man arrested at O’Hare, was trying to fly to middle east to join IS

–in our in-depth interview released today, journalist Reese Erlich explains the real reason for the confrontation with Iran

–as we discuss with Erlich, the Saudi request for Pakistani troops in Yemen causes domestic opposition

–Andy Worthington writes about Guantanamo hunger striker Muaz al-Alawi, who was shot by guard unprovoked

–The Guardian reports FBI goes to incredible lengths to keep Stingray cellphone surveillance gear secret

–New Mexico legislature passes bill to end civil asset forfeitures…GOP governor just signed it!

–California’s toothless regulator bites rogue utility PG&E with $1.6 billion fine for deadly gas pipeline blast

–Long Island woman faces fraud charges for being married to 7 men at the same time