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PBC News & Comment: On Cuba, Some Change to Believe In

Obama meets with Raul Castro, marking historic shift in failed Cuba policy that’s older than Obama….somebody tell Marco Rubio

--in Panama City, Obama disclaims America’s gringo past and gunboat diplomacy, but sanctions on Venezuela leave bad taste

--in Panama presser, Obama blasts John McCain and others meddling in Iran negotiations

--in latest complication, Russia announces it will sell surface to air defensive missiles to Iran

--Pakistani Parliament votes against sending troops to Yemen

--Yale Law School’s Paul Kahn offers interesting take on Yemen war in op-ed, as US is buffeted by Saudis and Israel

--Iran details espionage charges against Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian

--American convicted of protesting in Egypt draws life sentence, mild protest from Washington

--Surprise! Hillary Clinton announces she’s running for president, dividing Dems and invigorating GOP

--Florida Sen. Marco Rubio announces he’s running, hoping to stoke resentment over Obama’s Cuba initiative

--retired Florida Sen. Bob Graham keeps fighting for release of 9/11 memo about Saudi financing

--help me welcome veteran journalist Terry Phillips to the world of podcasting….click here 

--in bizarre replay of Oscar Grant killing, unarmed black suspect in Oklahoma is killed by volunteer cop who thought he was using his Taser

--for Walter Scott’s funeral, family showed class by barring Al Sharpton from attending