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PBC News & Comment: On Cuba, Some Change to Believe In

Obama meets with Raul Castro, marking historic shift in failed Cuba policy that’s older than Obama….somebody tell Marco Rubio

–in Panama City, Obama disclaims America’s gringo past and gunboat diplomacy, but sanctions on Venezuela leave bad taste

–in Panama presser, Obama blasts John McCain and others meddling in Iran negotiations

–in latest complication, Russia announces it will sell surface to air defensive missiles to Iran

–Pakistani Parliament votes against sending troops to Yemen

–Yale Law School’s Paul Kahn offers interesting take on Yemen war in op-ed, as US is buffeted by Saudis and Israel

–Iran details espionage charges against Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian

–American convicted of protesting in Egypt draws life sentence, mild protest from Washington

–Surprise! Hillary Clinton announces she’s running for president, dividing Dems and invigorating GOP

–Florida Sen. Marco Rubio announces he’s running, hoping to stoke resentment over Obama’s Cuba initiative

–retired Florida Sen. Bob Graham keeps fighting for release of 9/11 memo about Saudi financing

–help me welcome veteran journalist Terry Phillips to the world of podcasting….click here 

–in bizarre replay of Oscar Grant killing, unarmed black suspect in Oklahoma is killed by volunteer cop who thought he was using his Taser

–for Walter Scott’s funeral, family showed class by barring Al Sharpton from attending