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PBC News & Comment: NBC Re-Writes Richard Engel’s Syria Kidnapping Account

On the heels of Brian Williams scandal, NBC tries to correct the record on Engel kidnapping, exposing deep biases, more….

John Dissed opens our podcast with a new tune, Redemption Song. They rock Burbank Saturday night at Park Bar & Grill

–NBC News faces another credibility challenge, as Richard Engel re-writes his account of his kidnapping in Syria; Greenwald offers excellent breakdown,  so does RT

–also at The Intercept, Trevor Aaronson profiles one of the FBI’s 15,000 paid informants

–latest domestic terrorism case against Ohio man seems flimsy, but no FBI provocateur is apparent so far

–major break in the mysterious anthrax attacks of 2001 as FBI investigator says FBI hid evidence, we get expert commentary from Prof. Graeme MacQueen in new interview

–next round of Iran nuke talks starts next week, Gareth Porter analyzes the biggest obstacles

–senior US military brass say Saudi intervention in Yemen is “bad idea” will lead to quagmire, rebuff McCain’s ravings

–UN Security Council reviews video and witness testimony about crude chlorine attack in “barrel bomb” this March

–satellite images show China is building jet runway on contested island in South China Sea

–domestic surveillance defenders support reform-lite, the USA Freedom Act

–lawyers for the man who shot the video murder of Walter Scott demand payment for showing it