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PBC News & Comment: US Deploys Warships Near Yemen, as Saudis Halt Airstrikes

Grateful for a wave of warm birthday wishes, your humble host comments on AG Holder’s dismal legacy and lots more….

–Senate settles dispute over trafficking bill, may finally vote on attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch

–current AG Holder made public statements in support of victims of police shootings, but supported cops in court 100%

–Supreme Court limits use of drug dogs in traffic stops

–FBI’s hair analysis exposed as “pseudo science”, hundreds of convictions may be overturned, 9 innocent men executed

–FBI informant surfaces in coverage of latest arrests in Minneapolis of men accused of wanting to fight for IS

NY Times analysis shows 1.5 million “missing black men” due to incarceration or premature death; Ferguson is at the top

–Justice delayed: 93-year-old Auschwitz bookkeeper admits his guilt, pedophile priest protector Bishop Finn resigns in Kansas City

–new report on 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza suggests that children were intentionally targeted

–Daesh leader al-Baghdadi is sidelined by serious wounds from March airstrike

–Egyptian court sentences former president Morsi to 20 years in prison, on some charges Mubarek was cleared of

–California appeals court blocks water districts from jacking up rates during drought

–embattled judge from the Siegelman case, Mark Fuller, has domestic violence conviction expunged, but Congresswoman Sewell pursues impeachment; details at Bradblog