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PBC News & Comment: US Deploys Warships Near Yemen, as Saudis Halt Airstrikes

Grateful for a wave of warm birthday wishes, your humble host comments on AG Holder's dismal legacy and lots more....

--Senate settles dispute over trafficking bill, may finally vote on attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch

--current AG Holder made public statements in support of victims of police shootings, but supported cops in court 100%

--Supreme Court limits use of drug dogs in traffic stops

--FBI’s hair analysis exposed as “pseudo science”, hundreds of convictions may be overturned, 9 innocent men executed

--FBI informant surfaces in coverage of latest arrests in Minneapolis of men accused of wanting to fight for IS

--NY Times analysis shows 1.5 million “missing black men” due to incarceration or premature death; Ferguson is at the top

--Justice delayed: 93-year-old Auschwitz bookkeeper admits his guilt, pedophile priest protector Bishop Finn resigns in Kansas City

--new report on 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza suggests that children were intentionally targeted

--Daesh leader al-Baghdadi is sidelined by serious wounds from March airstrike

--Egyptian court sentences former president Morsi to 20 years in prison, on some charges Mubarek was cleared of

--California appeals court blocks water districts from jacking up rates during drought

--embattled judge from the Siegelman case, Mark Fuller, has domestic violence conviction expunged, but Congresswoman Sewell pursues impeachment; details at Bradblog