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PBC News & Comment: Surveillance Advocates Hype Fears in Bid to Extend Patriot Act

former House intel chair Mike Rogers stokes fear of Daesh terrorists in US, demands continuation of metadata collection despite ineffectiveness….

–and Mitch McConnell may introduce bill to extend Section 215 for 5 years unamended

–House is expected to pass amended cybersecurity bill that White House formerly opposed

–in latest case of abusive surveillance, judge throws out evidence that FBI obtained through false pretenses

–new British report exposes torture at black site in Djibouti—and that the black site is still used “for short term holds”

–Jason Leopold also covered parole hearing for Gitmo prisoner

–Washington Post reports Pentagon scramble to empty Guantanamo, hints that Shaker Aamer may go soon

–America’s top narc quits after string of DEA scandals

–Baltimore suspends 6 cops in case of black man who died of spinal injury in police van

–food workers at US Capitol go on strike for decent pay

–Saudis lied, continue air strikes in Yemen

–Europe wants to crack down on refugee flow, will it impose “no flee zone” on Libya?

–Taliban fighters ape Daesh with brutal beheadings

–Afghan leader Ghani inks new security deal with Iran

–study of 95,000 children rules out link between MMR vaccine and autism

–California senate committee approves mandatory vaccine bill