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PBC News & Comment: Obama “Profoundly Regrets” Droning American Hostage in Pakistan

Belated disclosure of secret January strike and admission that “mistakes can occur” underscore failures of drone warfare and Obama’s hypocrisy….

–drone landed on roof of prime minister’s office in Tokyo shows traces of radiation

–NY Times drops huge investigative report on Clinton Foundation and special favors by Hillary to donors

–Clinton Foundation amends tax filings to report foreign donations while Hillary was Secretary of State

–Loretta Lynch confirmed as attorney general by 56-43 vote

–David Petraeus gets probation on leak charge similar to John Kiriakou’s, which drew 30-month sentence

–in victory for activists and consumers, Comcast ends bid for Time Warner Cable

–Gareth Porter scoops corporate media again, reports that Houthi arms came from former strongman Saleh, not Iran

–alarms sound in Australia as new surveillance law is passed

–fresh off announcement of Google investigation, EU goes after Gazprom

–retired Giants slugger Barry Bonds wins appeal over evasive testimony in his trial for steroid use