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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s Drone Disclosure Prompts Many Important Questions

Obama uses Nixon’s “limited hangout” strategy to limit drone transparency while claiming to be transparent, more Americans killed without process…

–Harold Koh, who authored memo used to kill Awlaki, now calls for “factual record” to see if January strikes complied

–Koh is facing strong protests from NYU law students, see the blog here

–was drone killing of Americans Adam Gadahn and Ahmed Farouq legal, justified?

–Pakistan, Italy register mild criticism of US

–Fear is the topic of our in-depth interview with Dr. Justin Frank, psychiatrist and author of Obama on the Couch You can read his blog here

–European leaders make small increases in efforts to rescue refugees on the Mediterranean

–Saudi Arabia continues airstrikes in Yemen, as US media continue false claim that Iran arms Houthis

–US considers letting Iraqi spotters call in US air strikes, a risky move that was avoided during occupation

–potential reparations demands from Armenians appear to drive Turkish denials of genocide

–spectacular eruptions at Calbuco volcano in Chile

–in Freddy Gray death after arrest by Baltimore police, coverup is holding so far

–GOP-controlled Idaho legislature on verge of abolishing death penalty

–federal and Oklahoma geological experts say earthquakes are caused by oil drilling, including fracking

–China bans striptease at funerals

–California renames Marin tunnel for Robin Williams