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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s Drone Disclosure Prompts Many Important Questions

Obama uses Nixon’s “limited hangout” strategy to limit drone transparency while claiming to be transparent, more Americans killed without process…

--Harold Koh, who authored memo used to kill Awlaki, now calls for “factual record” to see if January strikes complied

--Koh is facing strong protests from NYU law students, see the blog here

--was drone killing of Americans Adam Gadahn and Ahmed Farouq legal, justified?

--Pakistan, Italy register mild criticism of US

--Fear is the topic of our in-depth interview with Dr. Justin Frank, psychiatrist and author of Obama on the Couch You can read his blog here

--European leaders make small increases in efforts to rescue refugees on the Mediterranean

--Saudi Arabia continues airstrikes in Yemen, as US media continue false claim that Iran arms Houthis

--US considers letting Iraqi spotters call in US air strikes, a risky move that was avoided during occupation

--potential reparations demands from Armenians appear to drive Turkish denials of genocide

--spectacular eruptions at Calbuco volcano in Chile

--in Freddy Gray death after arrest by Baltimore police, coverup is holding so far

--GOP-controlled Idaho legislature on verge of abolishing death penalty

--federal and Oklahoma geological experts say earthquakes are caused by oil drilling, including fracking

--China bans striptease at funerals

--California renames Marin tunnel for Robin Williams