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Bill of Rights Defender Shahid Buttar on New Attorney General, Patriot Act Renewal, and His Recent Arrest

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Shahid Buttar, executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, comments on our new Attorney General, the fight over renewal of the Patriot Act, and his recent arrest after a Senate hearing.  Buttar returns to our podcast to comment on recent news.  We open with an evaluation of Eric Holder’s service as attorney general, epitomized by a final act to go easy on David Petraeus for violating the laws that Holder used to send whistleblowers to jail.

We discuss the limited prospects for change under new AG Loretta Lynch, and Buttar suggests that her top priority should be reining in the FBI.  He joins me in calling for abolishment of the DEA, and notes that DEA was collecting phone metadata for at least 20 years, starting in the 90’s.

Buttar makes the case for HR 1466, the Surveillance State Repeal Act and efforts by insiders like Sen. Mitch McConnell to sneak through an extension of the Patriot Act with no amendments.

He recounts his recent arrest after a Senate hearing, where he tried to ask Director of National Intelligence James Clapper about his perjury before the Senate.

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