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PBC News & Comment: Baltimore Prosecutor Moves Quickly to Indict Cops

--Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby files criminal charges against 6 cops, including murder and manslaughter for death of Freddie Gray...

--Mosby is under fire from all sides for alleged conflicts of interest

--ACLU California releases app to capture police abuse videos

--as Congress goes through the motions of surveillance reform, House Judiciary offers bill that would change little, make some things worse

--Airbus consortium sues over industrial espionage by US, Germany

--Jason Leopold at VICE reports that Pakistan has accused CIA station chief of murder for drone strike

--in new poll, big majority of Americans support drone strikes, even when Americans are killed without legal process

--new Pew poll shows that half of Americans are listening to online radio and podcast listening has doubled to 17%

--in New Jersey bridge backup scandal, one aide to Chris Christie pleads guilty as two others are indicted

--reporter David Sirota, who also exposed Christie corruption, analyzes conflicts at Clinton foundation

--House GOP budget tries to micromanage Iraq war by directly arming Kurds and Shiites, and angers Iraqis

--Iraqi government will deploy Sunnis to Anbar

--White House tiptoes around admission that FBI helped family of prisoner Weinstein negotiate ransom

--federal agencies say they have curtailed civil asset forfeitures, but one victim is still trying to recover his money

--soul singer Ben E. King dies, age 76