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PBC News & Comment: Media Side Shows Distract from Real Racial Problems with Cops

Baltimore’s top cop reveals undisclosed stop by Freddie Gray’s paddy wagon as mainstream media shifts focus to side shows, distractions….

--in latest cop killing of black suspect, dad who witnessed it disputes cop’s version, now we learn cop was charged with assault in 2007; video, details here

--former Baltimore mayor Martin O’Malley was tough on crime, now faces fallout from Gray case and riots as he considers run for president

--Sen. Bernie Sanders makes it official, he’s running….NY Times number cruncher says there aren’t enough liberal voters for him to win

--investigation accuses leaders of American Psychological Assn. of aiding CIA and Bush administration in torture policies

--in lively, wide-ranging interview, journalist Pepe Escobar offers insights on many of today’s conflict zones, including this excerpt about Yemen

--Escobar refers to Joe Lauria’s report this week, which we discussed in our Processing Distortion podcast at Boiling Frogs Post

--Obama hosts Japan’s Shinzo Abe at White House, no trade deal breakthrough reported

--Obama’s sharp attacks on Sen. Elizabeth Warren over TPP secrecy are likely to hurt Obama

--Public Citizen’s data analysis shows that US trade gains are not the goal of TPP

--Supreme Court upholds limits on contributions to judicial candidates in decision that conflicts with other rulings