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PBC News & Comment: Media Side Shows Distract from Real Racial Problems with Cops

Baltimore’s top cop reveals undisclosed stop by Freddie Gray’s paddy wagon as mainstream media shifts focus to side shows, distractions….

–in latest cop killing of black suspect, dad who witnessed it disputes cop’s version, now we learn cop was charged with assault in 2007; video, details here

–former Baltimore mayor Martin O’Malley was tough on crime, now faces fallout from Gray case and riots as he considers run for president

–Sen. Bernie Sanders makes it official, he’s running….NY Times number cruncher says there aren’t enough liberal voters for him to win

–investigation accuses leaders of American Psychological Assn. of aiding CIA and Bush administration in torture policies

–in lively, wide-ranging interview, journalist Pepe Escobar offers insights on many of today’s conflict zones, including this excerpt about Yemen

–Escobar refers to Joe Lauria’s report this week, which we discussed in our Processing Distortion podcast at Boiling Frogs Post

–Obama hosts Japan’s Shinzo Abe at White House, no trade deal breakthrough reported

–Obama’s sharp attacks on Sen. Elizabeth Warren over TPP secrecy are likely to hurt Obama

–Public Citizen’s data analysis shows that US trade gains are not the goal of TPP

–Supreme Court upholds limits on contributions to judicial candidates in decision that conflicts with other rulings