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PBC News & Comment: Former Paid Informant Exposes FBI Frameups

Longtime FBI informant Craig Monteilh exposes dirty tricks, now gets government payments as professional witness against FBI, reports Trevor Aaronson

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--America’s spooks have suddenly decided to release documents they claim were collected during bin Laden raid, denying it is rebuttal to Sy Hersh

-- new author Alice Goffman explains why black men run from cops in our in depth interview about her new book, On The Run

--“Justice” Dept. allows criminal banks to plead guilty and pay $5.6 billion in fines, but not a single criminal banker is charged

--Obama tells grads at Coast Guard Academy that climate change will reshape the world

--climate deniers call themselves “realists” invite PBC to sponsor June conference in Washington

--oil spill fouls coast at Santa Barbara

--Karl Rove and other GOP tricksters are using Elizabeth Warren and others for stealth attacks on Obama and Hillary

--in TPP preview, WTO threatens punitive tariffs on US products like beef and wine because they are label with place of origin

--trial in Iran of American report Jason Rezaian starts next week

--Indonesia and Malaysia agree to care for refugee boat people, mostly from Myanmar

--Ba-da-bing! Two veteran DEA agents charged with lying about their ownership of New Jersey strip club