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PBC News & Comment: Former Paid Informant Exposes FBI Frameups

Longtime FBI informant Craig Monteilh exposes dirty tricks, now gets government payments as professional witness against FBI, reports Trevor Aaronson

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–America’s spooks have suddenly decided to release documents they claim were collected during bin Laden raid, denying it is rebuttal to Sy Hersh

— new author Alice Goffman explains why black men run from cops in our in depth interview about her new book, On The Run

–“Justice” Dept. allows criminal banks to plead guilty and pay $5.6 billion in fines, but not a single criminal banker is charged

–Obama tells grads at Coast Guard Academy that climate change will reshape the world

–climate deniers call themselves “realists” invite PBC to sponsor June conference in Washington

–oil spill fouls coast at Santa Barbara

–Karl Rove and other GOP tricksters are using Elizabeth Warren and others for stealth attacks on Obama and Hillary

–in TPP preview, WTO threatens punitive tariffs on US products like beef and wine because they are label with place of origin

–trial in Iran of American report Jason Rezaian starts next week

–Indonesia and Malaysia agree to care for refugee boat people, mostly from Myanmar

–Ba-da-bing! Two veteran DEA agents charged with lying about their ownership of New Jersey strip club