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PBC News & Comment: Rand Paul’s filibuster adds to confusion over Patriot Act extension

Holding forth for over 10 hours, Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster complicates fellow Kentuckian McConnell’s drive for full Patriot Act extension…

–TPP fast track bill clears cloture vote in Senate, House could still block it

–in this week’s Processing Distortion podcast, State Dept. whistleblower Peter van Buren explores jihadi travel: americans who want to join Islamic State fighters

–Jeremy Scahill publishes lengthy story of Americans who joined al Shabbab, and now see it as a criminal mob

–NY Times publishes some Hillary emails, revealing that Clinton loyalist Sidney Blumenthal sent her a string of emails about Libya, where he was trying to invest

–Siegelman appeal denied, read the decision here

–in Israel, Netanyahu abruptly cancels plan for apartheid transit buses

–Santa Barbara oil pipeline spill estimate is 5 times worse than first reports

–Nebraska’s GOP governor plans futile veto of death penalty ban

–4 cancer charities are accused of fleecing donors for $187 million

–Letterman signs off