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PBC News & Comment: IS claims credit for mosque attack in Saudi Arabia as Obama offers incoherent commentary and kisses up to Israel…

Despite IS expansion to control half of Syria and takeover of Ramadi, Obama maintains “I don’t think we’re losing” as hawks grow more aggressive….

–NY Times maps expansion of Islamic State, with misleading listing of groups in 18 countries that have “pledged allegiance” to IS

–in blistering editorial, NY Times slams Obama and Congress for 9 months of war with no Congressional authorization

–Obama speaks at DC synagogue, seeking to reassure Israel and its supporters

–new Israeli cabinet member gives hardline inaugural speech

–new GOP governor in Illinois plans to sign bill to divest from companies that divest from Israel—a boycott of the right to boycott; Canada considers similar law

–in our in-depth interview with WhoWhatWhy publisher Russ Baker, he notes that Tsarnaev trial was rigged from the start

–Roger Shuler provides great analysis of Siegelman appeal denial

–Senate has not yet voted on TPP and Patriot Act renewal, as Ed Snowden says that’s only the beginning

–Germany’s Angela Merkel wrestles with new controversy over collaboration with NSA in spying on Europeans

–delegation of British MP’s ratchets up pressure on Obama to release Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo

–historic referendum in Ireland could legalize gay marriage

–former CIA and Pentagon boss Bob Gates surfaces as head of Boy Scouts and calls for end to ban on gay scout leaders