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PBC News & Comment: New Leaked Report Reveals US Support of IS vs. Assad

Right-wing Judicial Watch releases DIA report as fodder for Benghazi probe, but it reveals much more about US, Islamic State…


Read analysis by British journalist Nafeez Ahmed here 

--NY Times reports that US airstrikes on IS are “holding back to protect civilians”

--Pentagon Boss Ashton Carter admits Iraqi troops lack “will to fight” and gave up Ramadi “without much resistance”; Joe Biden tries to walk it back

--in suspension of reality, Baghdad says it will retake Ramadi in days, Syrian army girds to retake Palmyra

--NY Times editorial slams Congress for throwing money at Pentagon, while refusing to pass any war powers bill

--before holiday break, Senate narrowly passed Fast Track for TPP as Obama gets rare, near unanimous GOP support, battle moves to House

--Sen. Rand Paul prevailed in blocking Senate action to extend Patriot Act, leader McConnell will try again in rare Sunday session

--promoters of the surveillance state plot to continue domestic spying, PBC expects them to succeed

--Stingray cellphone dragnet is not affected by action in DC, new report shows Oakland police use it in gang cases

--in Mexico, 43 killed in shootout with Jalisco drug cartel

--Pope Francis moves Oscar Romero toward sainthood, partly embracing liberation theology and underscoring his political skills

--30 women from 15 nations, including our friend Col. Ann Wright, led peace march along Korean border last Friday