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PBC News & Comment: New Leaked Report Reveals US Support of IS vs. Assad

Right-wing Judicial Watch releases DIA report as fodder for Benghazi probe, but it reveals much more about US, Islamic State…


Read analysis by British journalist Nafeez Ahmed here 

–NY Times reports that US airstrikes on IS are “holding back to protect civilians”

–Pentagon Boss Ashton Carter admits Iraqi troops lack “will to fight” and gave up Ramadi “without much resistance”; Joe Biden tries to walk it back

–in suspension of reality, Baghdad says it will retake Ramadi in days, Syrian army girds to retake Palmyra

NY Times editorial slams Congress for throwing money at Pentagon, while refusing to pass any war powers bill

–before holiday break, Senate narrowly passed Fast Track for TPP as Obama gets rare, near unanimous GOP support, battle moves to House

–Sen. Rand Paul prevailed in blocking Senate action to extend Patriot Act, leader McConnell will try again in rare Sunday session

–promoters of the surveillance state plot to continue domestic spying, PBC expects them to succeed

–Stingray cellphone dragnet is not affected by action in DC, new report shows Oakland police use it in gang cases

–in Mexico, 43 killed in shootout with Jalisco drug cartel

–Pope Francis moves Oscar Romero toward sainthood, partly embracing liberation theology and underscoring his political skills

–30 women from 15 nations, including our friend Col. Ann Wright, led peace march along Korean border last Friday