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PBC News & Comment: Fox “News” Confirms Our Reports on IS, and Benghazi Gun Running

Based on Judicial Watch documents we reported yesterday, Fox reports on DIA report that predicted IS, arms shipped from Benghazi-Syria…..

–Obama doublespeak on domestic spying, as he urges Senate to extend Patriot Act with fake reforms to phone metadata collection

–new AG Loretta Lynch’s first big bust is in Switzerland, as 14 FIFA officials are arrested in bribery schemes

–obscure blog “Moon of Alabama” serves up fascinating motive for FIFA bust—they were about to suspend or expel Israel for mistreatment of Palestinian soccer players

–Sen. Bernie Sanders makes it official, announces presidential run on the shores of Lake Champlain

–in Ramadi, Iraqi army had 10-1 advantage, but crumbled as IS attacked

–German court bounces suit by Yemenis who sued for German complicity in US drone strike

–Human Rights Watch report accuses Hamas of war crimes, for executing 23 Palestinians during 2014 Gaza war

–Israel bombs Gaza, blaming Hamas for latest rocket fired, even though Israel knows Hamas didn’t launch it

–in Tehran, American reporter Jason Rezaian got first hearing in trial, which may drag on as a chit in nuke talks

–DC revolving door enables Sen. Mary Landrieu to join firm that lobbies for Keystone, as 30 former officials lobby for TPP

–Robert Reich breaks down what’s wrong with TPP in 2-minute video

–listener Andy Dral sends list of Senators who voted for TPP fast track, and PBC corrects his incorrect report about Sen. Sessions, who did vote against it

–in Guardian op-ed, Chelsea Manning reveals some of the inhumane treatment after her arrest 5 years ago