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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Dances Around Hastert’s Turkey Connection

Former GOP Speaker Hastert Charged in Apparent Blackmail Scheme, and MSM Avoids Reporting Proven Connections to Turkey, Past Money-laundering…

–coverage in NY Times and Washington Post makes no mention of Hastert’s lobbying for Turkey, and history of bundled contributions from Turks

–at Washington Monthly, Martin Longman recaps Sibel Edmond’s claims

–as Patriot Act showdown looms this Sunday, FBI issues “code red” warnings

–head of Nusra Front in Syria says they are not targeting “the West and America” and says Khorosan Group is total fiction, reports VICE

–in “news analysis”,  NY Times reporter Charlie Savage echoes Spencer Ackerman from Guardian yesterday

Times editorial says expiration of section 215 would be “perfectly fine”

–in protest, over 10,000 websites are blocking access by Congress

–Trevor Timm plays a fun game at the Guardian: were these pro-surveillance statements made by Obama or Bush administration?

–Sen. Ted Cruz, pandering to Zionist megadonor Adelson, says government should defund universities that boycott Israel

–Christian idiots stage open-carry “draw Muhammed” rally near Phoenix mosque

–IS stages second weekly mosque attack in Saudi Arabia

–Christian idiots in Oklahoma legislature pass bill limiting marriage to people of faith

–Martin O’Malley formally enters Democratic presidential race

NY Times investigation exposes slimy deal between Clinton Foundation and tragic supermodel Petra Nemcova

–David Sirota reports that Hillary as Sec State approved $165 billion of commercial arms sales to donors of Clinton Foundation