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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Dances Around Hastert’s Turkey Connection

Former GOP Speaker Hastert Charged in Apparent Blackmail Scheme, and MSM Avoids Reporting Proven Connections to Turkey, Past Money-laundering…

--coverage in NY Times and Washington Post makes no mention of Hastert’s lobbying for Turkey, and history of bundled contributions from Turks

--at Washington Monthly, Martin Longman recaps Sibel Edmond’s claims

--as Patriot Act showdown looms this Sunday, FBI issues “code red” warnings

--head of Nusra Front in Syria says they are not targeting “the West and America” and says Khorosan Group is total fiction, reports VICE

--in “news analysis”,  NY Times reporter Charlie Savage echoes Spencer Ackerman from Guardian yesterday

--Times editorial says expiration of section 215 would be “perfectly fine”

--in protest, over 10,000 websites are blocking access by Congress

--Trevor Timm plays a fun game at the Guardian: were these pro-surveillance statements made by Obama or Bush administration?

--Sen. Ted Cruz, pandering to Zionist megadonor Adelson, says government should defund universities that boycott Israel

--Christian idiots stage open-carry “draw Muhammed” rally near Phoenix mosque

--IS stages second weekly mosque attack in Saudi Arabia

--Christian idiots in Oklahoma legislature pass bill limiting marriage to people of faith

--Martin O’Malley formally enters Democratic presidential race

--NY Times investigation exposes slimy deal between Clinton Foundation and tragic supermodel Petra Nemcova

--David Sirota reports that Hillary as Sec State approved $165 billion of commercial arms sales to donors of Clinton Foundation