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Use of Stingray Cellphone Surveillance Exposed in Trial in Shooting of Oakland Cop

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Oakland’s rogue police department has been under supervision of a federal court for 10 years, but that hasn’t blocked them from use of Stingray without a warrant, violating laws and the Constitution.  An in-depth interview with journalist Ali Winston from the Center for Investigative Reporting…Read Winston’s important, detailed article here.  He explains the capabilities of the suite of cellphone interceptors called Stingray, made by Harris Corp. and deployed by the FBI to local police agencies with strict non-disclosure agreements.

Building on the work of Beau Hodai, which we released here last August, exposing the expanding use of these cell-tower simulators than can capture identification info, data and live conversations on all devices within its radius.  Winston adds more on so-called “dirt boxes” made by a company called DRT, which are mounted in aircraft that fly over airports and other sites, capturing this data from all nearby phones.

The Oakland case illustrates that these dragnet systems are being used for all kinds of cases, not just terrorism, and their use on protesters and others protected by the first amendment are especially troubling.

Winston is very well-informed on Stingray and what PBC calls the vertical integration of law enforcement since 9/11, and explains how Homeland Security’s “fusion centers” combine with FBI-level tools and claimed authorities that have expanded dramatically.