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PBC News & Comment: Following “Baby Steps” in Surveillance Reform, Obama’s Expansion of Spying Revealed

Obama talks about “reforming” domestic surveillance, as we learn that NSA has expanded warrantless spying in hunt for foreign hackers….

–FBI cites Islamic State threat in demand for encryption limits

–in Chicago terrorism case, possibly framed by FBI, appeals court quickly denies access to FISA court surveillance documents

–Tom Drake, Dan Ellsberg reflect on “baby steps” to surveillance reform

–at VICE, Jason Leopold reveals how DC pols tried to discredit Snowden, and that he grabbed 900,000 files from the Pentagon

–in UK, terrorism case collapses as evidence shows MI6 had been arming the same rebel groups that suspect was accused of supporting

–in Yemen, credible source tells al Jazeera that al Qaeda leaders were under “complete control” of former strongman Saleh

–new Palestinian militant group claims links to IS, takes credit for 3 recent rocket attacks into Israel

–right after Kerry’s pledge of US support for Nigerian military, report slams it for deaths of 8,000 in fight with Boko Haram

Guardian and Washington Post compile data on police shootings at The Counted

–ProPublica exposes latest Red Cross scam in Haiti, where Red Cross raised $500 million and built only 6 homes

–in California, Santa Barbara oil spill blamed on corroded pipe

–lawsuit charges Gov. Brown conspired with frackers, leading to groundwater pollution that killed cherry orchard

–EPA says “no evidence” that fracking has “widespread” impact on drinking water