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PBC News & Comment: Obama Now Owns the Surveillance State

In signing the Patriot Act extension, Obama bobs and weaves about privacy and security, but he now owns it completely….

–at the Guardian, Spencer Ackerman gives a brutal, accurate account of the big gap between Obama’s words and actions on domestic surveillance

–Glenn Greenwald recaps the frequent, hysterical use of the phrase “the threat from terrorists has never been greater

–Greenwald also breaks down the unproven initial reports from yesterday’s Boston killing of suspect who was branded “terrorist” through leaks

–audio highlights of Jason Leopold’s testimony to House Oversight committee on FOIA, you can watch it here

–new twist in Middle East clusterf@ck: Syrian government seems to be supporting IS in Allepo, as the rebels fight other rebel groups

–Obama tells Israeli TV show: Netanyahu is risking Israel’s credibility over Palestine

–US tries diplomacy in Yemen conflict, imagine that!

–Rhode Island politician Lincoln Chafee enters Dem presidential race

–Hillary’s lawyers are filing lawsuits to restore voting rights slashed by Republicans to suppress votes