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PBC News & Comment: American Cops Out of Control

As the cop who killed Walter Scott is indicted, cop in Dallas suburb goes out of control, online video shows…

–Sen. Boxer introduces bill to require data collection of shootings by police

–HBO’s John Oliver highlights abuses of poor Americans who can’t make bail on minor, frivolous charges as 22-year-old Bronx man kills himself following 3 years uncharged at Rikers

–California state Judicial Council bans bail requirement to challenge traffic tickets, which has led to millions of suspended licenses

–FBI surveillance of possible Keyston protesters leads to ongoing harassment even though investigation was “closed”

–Lengthy investigative report in Sunday NY Times details the transition of Seal Team 6 to assassination squad

–US claims that Delta Force commando raid in Syria grabbed critical intel on IS

–oops, US warplanes strike Iraqi army base in Fallujah, killing 6

–voters in Turkey reject Erdogan’s power expansion in parliamentary voting

—-NY Times, goes deeper on Hastert’s lobbying, need for a cash, but still omits Turkey connections

–American reporter Jason Rezaian gets another court hearing in Tehran

–US Supreme Court backs Obama on Israeli passport issue