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PBC News & Comment: Our Warriors Pay a Steep Price

Sgt. Robert Bales, convicted for Afghan murder spree, begs for mercy in letter saying he “was consumed by war, hate”….

–ObamaCo report cites Egypt’s abysmal human rights record, but sidesteps rules in calling for continued US aid

–Jason Leopold at VICE gets FBI file on Samir Khan, and American who was killed in same drone strike with Awlaki

NY Times reports on shifting alliances, as al Qaeda shares power in Yemen with rebel groups against Houthis

–4 hours after Obama claimed to end bulk collection of phone records, his lawyers ask secret court to restart it

–Obama and leaders say “nobody is listening to your phone calls”, but computers convert speech to text

–latest video of bad cops is from Salinas, California, where multiple officers pounded retarded man

–more TSA failure: 73 people on terror watch lists work at airports, have access around security points

–former Gitmo prisoner Moazzem Begg writes moving article about the boy-prisoner, Omar Khadr

–Vincent Bugliosi, Manson prosecutor who accused George W. Bush with murder in Iraq, dies at 80

–super pollster Mervin Field dies at 94