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PBC News & Comment: Our Warriors Pay a Steep Price

Sgt. Robert Bales, convicted for Afghan murder spree, begs for mercy in letter saying he “was consumed by war, hate”….

--ObamaCo report cites Egypt’s abysmal human rights record, but sidesteps rules in calling for continued US aid

--Jason Leopold at VICE gets FBI file on Samir Khan, and American who was killed in same drone strike with Awlaki

--NY Times reports on shifting alliances, as al Qaeda shares power in Yemen with rebel groups against Houthis

--4 hours after Obama claimed to end bulk collection of phone records, his lawyers ask secret court to restart it

--Obama and leaders say “nobody is listening to your phone calls”, but computers convert speech to text

--latest video of bad cops is from Salinas, California, where multiple officers pounded retarded man

--more TSA failure: 73 people on terror watch lists work at airports, have access around security points

--former Gitmo prisoner Moazzem Begg writes moving article about the boy-prisoner, Omar Khadr

--Vincent Bugliosi, Manson prosecutor who accused George W. Bush with murder in Iraq, dies at 80

--super pollster Mervin Field dies at 94