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PBC News & Comment: Time to Give Obama the “Fish Cheer”

Obama’s pledge to keep US boots off the ground in Mideast erodes as generals say current plan won’t beat Daesh…

--as the song says, “what are we fighting for?” 3 options for escalation are being considered, but Andrew Bacevich airs bold proposal to let Iran handle IS

--Gen. Dempsey talks about new “lily pad” bases in Iraq

--in new in-depth interview, Jason Leopold of VICE talks about his FOIA testimony at House hearing, and recent stories

--Leopold’s latest is a funny take on FOIA requests for bin Laden’s porn stash

--FBI finally removes 4 American Muslims from no-fly list to avoid trial alleging list is used to pressure them to become informants

--longtime investigative reporter Seth Rosenfeld exposes FBI informant who provided arms to Black Panthers

--Mumia Abu Jamal is fighting for his life, and his supporters are demanding his release

--latest leak of TPP documents shows Medicare is under fire, and Obamaco proposes $700 million cuts to pay for job dislocation benefits

--Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) slams Speaker Boehner for blocking amendments to TPP Fast Track, and has 30 to offer

--vulnerable GOP senators like Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) want to soften the “war on women” by easing contraceptive rules

--right wing idiots like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-Dark Ages) introduce 20-week abortion ban, pandering to far right

--Bill Clinton says if Hillary is elected, he will stop giving paid speeches

--recognizing a little humanity in the Dallas cop who lost it at the pool party last week