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PBC News & Comment: Sibel Edmonds Says Full Hastert Investigation Would Expose Dozens

From an undisclosed offshore location, Sibel Edmonds comments on Dennis Hastert hush money case, calls it “tip of the iceberg”

Listen to Edmonds’ podcast here.

–Processing Distortion podcast breaks down PBS Newshour discussion on Iraq, where Andrew Bacevich proposes letting Iran take on Islamic State

–judge who twice donated to Hastert campaigns will continue to preside over his prosecution

–Obama makes rare trip to Capitol Hill to witness House vote to reject fast track on Trans Pacific Partnership

–Jason Leopold notches another win for disclosure: judge orders Pentagon to release research report titles

Vice posts highlights of Leopold’s House testimony

–US ignores request from Poland for unredacted version of Senate torture report; US tortured some folks in Poland

–Israeli investigation clears Israel in Gaza airstrike that killed 4 teenagers on the beach

–Pope Francis readies statement on climate change as altar boy Rick Santorum objects

–Francis sets up Vatican tribunal to examine failures of bishops in sex abuse coverups

–new Pew poll shows 13% of American Catholics have dropped out

–Californians pay 83 cents a gallon more, so oil companies can profit from increased exports of gasoline