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PBC News & Comment: British Allies Smear Snowden with Anonymous Leaks

As Washington reacts to massive security breaches, Murdoch’s “serious” newspaper attacks leaker with hysterical, official leaks, “journalism at its worst”…

–Read Glenn Greenwald’s analysis here

–Team Obama slow to admit scope of security breach, media portrays US only as victims of cyberattacks

–gates of Gitmo swing open for 6 Yemenis, 2 more releases in the pipeline don’t seem to include Brit Shaker Aamer

–court throws out conviction of Guantanamo inmate on “conspiracy” charge that doesn’t exist in international law

–on HBO, John Oliver enlists Dame Helen Mirren to read from Senate torture review about “rectal feeding”

–in op-ed, Human Rights Watch official calls for rape prosecutions of torturers, using law signed by G. W. Bush

–Vatican names former archbishop for first trial under Pope Francis’ new tribunal system as Minneapolis archbishop resigns to face charges by local prosecutor

–Supreme Court rejects North Carolina appeal of pre-abortion ultrasound requirement on First Amendment grounds

–in new, in-depth interview here, Aspen Baker argues for third way to talk about abortion and her new book, Pro-Voice

–laying challenges to Roe v Wade’s 26-week window, GOP presidential candidates support 20-week abortion limit

–Hillary Clinton gives “fight” speeches in NYC and Iowa, and talks about TPP without taking a clear position

–at Salon, Bill Currie makes strong case that Sanders can beat Clinton if ending corruption is message that gets traction