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Aspen Baker, Author of “Pro-Voice”, Offers Third Way to Talk About Abortion

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Aspen Baker is a founder of the nonprofit Exhale, and author of the new book: Pro-Voice: How to Keep Listening When the World Wants a Fight.Exhale promotes listening to women who have experienced abortion, and operates a talk line with volunteer counselors that is available nationwide.  Their website is here.

Baker talks about her own abortion experience, and how she was not drawn to the political poles of pro-choice and pro-life.  She promotes active listening to women who have had abortions, and intentionally avoids getting caught up in the war over abortion rights.

We talk about her approach, the services offered by Exhale, and the criticism she has received from both sides.  She describes the debates inside her organization’s board, and from outside, and her experience being a target of Rush Limbaugh’s ignorance.

Baker tells about working with MTV on a 2010 special they produced, focused on the voices of women talking about their abortions.  And we touch on the role of males in their partners’ abortions, as well as the debate over “abortion regret”.

Your humble host finds this approach intriguing, and valid, but shares his concerns that anti-abortion activists have succeeded in sharply limiting access in some states, and have imposed unscientific requirements (like mandatory ultrasounds) on women seeking an abortion.

The Abortion Diary podcast we mention is linked here.