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PBC News & Comment: Karl Rove is Right, For Once!

“Trump is a complete moron” says Bush’s Brain, as The Donald, his ego and hair jump into GOP clown car…

–Jon Stewart is orgasmic to have Trump be his target of satire during his final weeks on The Daily Show, Neil Young’s unhappy

–Palestinian split widens, as Abbas dissolves “unity government” after Hamas talks indirectly with Israel

–new Rand Corp. report shows that Israel and Palestine would both show huge economic gains under solid peace agreement

–in another dubious FBI domestic terrorism bust, 20-year-old New York man arrested for researching pressure cooker bomb

NY Times uses this bust to tee up another map of Islamic State’s expanding zones of influence, many exaggerated

–21 GOP Senators vote against toothless ban on torture, embracing the fiction that “torture works”

–House committee learns that Blumenthal’s memos to Hillary about Libya were mostly written by ex-spook Drumheller

–another House hearing grilled OPM staffers about hack of personnel data

NY Times Public Editor slams the paper for slams at Irish in coverage of Berkeley deck collapse that killed 6

–Oakland gets its first—maybe last—NBA championship, as Warriors plan new privately-funded arena in San Francisco

–Obama’s budget quietly eliminates tax-free bonds for pro sports facilities

–disrupting the disrupters, California labor board rules that an Uber driver is an employee, not a contractor

–New Hampshire poll shows Bernie a strong second to Hillary

–new report shows podcasting is growing in audience, revenue