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Ralph Nader Offers Strong, Critical Comments of TPP, War Powers and More

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Ralph Nader, consumer crusader, former presidential candidate talks about the Trans Pacific Partnership, war powers, and much more.Nader’s new book is Return to Sender: Unanswered Letters to the President, 2001-2015.

In the new book, Nader predicts the unusual alliance between the White House and Republicans to pass the trade package that he calls “a corporate coup d’etat”.  He notes the tribunals that will be used to undermine labor, environmental and other standards, and agrees that the recent rule banning labels on beef that indicate where the meat came from is an example of the potential of TPP.

We also discuss the failure of Congress to do its duty related to war powers for Obama’s deployments in Iraq and Syria, and his claim of authority to designate individuals, including Americans, for killing by drone strikes.

At age 81, Ralph Nader is still writing, still fighting!