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PBC News & Comment: Will Church Murders Shame South Carolina Enough to Stop Flying Confederate Flag?

As gun lovers blame victims and call for more guns, movement builds to ban the official display of confederate flag….

–quick recap of Pope Francis’ climate change statement shows he knows what he’s talking about, like on cap and trade

–Greece’s showdown with bankers continues, as European Central Bank props up Greek banks facing withdrawals

–world sets ugly new record: 60 million people are refugees from conflicts, some started by the US

–Libyan rebel leader Belmokhtar, reported killed by US warplane strike, is “still alive and kicking”

–as FBI case against New York man widens to four suspects, story changes and informant surfaces

–Brian Williams, unable to say “I Lied”, performs ritual apology on Today show as he is busted to minor leagues at MSNBC

–nuclear disarmament leader Joe Cirincione warns that America’s nuclear arsenal could be hacked, should be taken off alert status

–Pentagon chief Carter warns that training of Iraqis is hampered by the limited number of recruits

–after 20-years of work, Pentagon releases 1200-page manual on the laws of war

–Stanford study shows that wastewater, more than the cocktail of chemicals, causes fracking earthquakes

–Walmart copies Apple, with labyrinth of tax-dodging subsidiaries outside US

–June 30 is Asteroid Day, get info here

–one stowaway survives flight from Johannesberg, as his companion falls to death near Heathrow