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PBC News & Comment: In Sneaky Maneuver, House Passes Fast Track

Boehner gets bare minimum, 218 votes, to pass fast track by splitting it from displaced worker funding; Ralph Nader comments….

Hear more from Nader in our in-depth interview released today

–murder spree at historic black church in Charleston appears racially motivated, white suspect in custody

–Pope Francis releases climate change encyclical, moving the Church’s moral teaching beyond sex

–crisis mounts in Caribbean as Dominican Republic moves to deport 300,000 Haitians

–in important move, appeals court reinstates unlawful detention claims against Bush era officials, including former AG Ashcroft and former FBI director Mueller

–CIA admits that it didn’t know that al Qaeda leader in Yemen was killed by drone strike

–45 former military members advise drone pilots to refuse to fly, led by Col. Ann Wright; find out more here

–new Senate bill would require FBI to get warrants for domestic surveillance flights

–in victory for Occupy movement, Hong Kong legislature rejects Beijing’s controlled election plan

–former NSA boss Michael Hayden brags about the limited reforms to domestic surveillance since Snowden’s leaks

–new report shows that US laws on police use of deadly force don’t meet international standards