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PBC News & Comment: Latest Snowden Leak Plays Differently in London and Washington

In London, Guardian focuses on GCHQ lawbreaking in supporting US drone strikes, while NY Times talks about targets, jihadi plots….


Guardian presents case that GCHQ has broken British laws, while NY Times offers new details of AQAP plots, with no evidence

–new Wikileaks disclosure shows NSA spied on last 3 French presidents

–think tank report shows that homegrown radicals are much greater threat than Islamic terrorists

–Jason Leopold reveals police state response to Baltimore riots, 400 federal officers were deployed

–Ayatollah Khamenei backs move by Iran’s parliament limiting inspections, reducing prospects for nuke deal

–Dzhokhar Tsarnaev speaks for first time in public, apologizes to victims at sentencing hearing

NY Times spins poll results that show Hillary leads Bernie by large margin, especially with black voters

–federal judge in Wyoming sides with frackers, puts new fracking rules on hold

–British study raises doubts about medical benefits of marijuana, more research is clearly needed