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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Oks Obamacare, Again; Now Can We Talk Single-Payer?

Badly-drafted ACA again rescued by Justice Roberts, and Bernie Sanders is the only leader who still advocates Medicare for all….

–political victory for Dems over GOP obstruction—partisan battle has prevented objective look at big problems, cost

–contradicting the sense of the bad ruling on the Voting Rights Act, the Court adopts broad definition of housing discrimination

–state judge blocks Kansas law that banned most second trimester abortions

–California judge allows attorney general to remove hateful, illegal proposed initiative, “Sodomite Suppression Act”

–in landmark decision, Dutch court orders government to cut emissions by 25%

–in VICE interview, former CIA #2 Mike Morrell apologizes to Colin Powell, and you, for WMD lies, but defends torture

–BDS movement gains ground as op-ed describes BDS as “pro-Israel”, not pro-Zionist

–Southern California Edison utility and state commission try to foist most of San Onofre nuke shutdown on ratepayers