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PBC News & Comment: Sam the Vampire Alito Goes Cruel & Unusual on Lethal Injections

Sneering at obvious evidence from botched executions, Alito gives states license for barbaric executions, as Sotomayor and Kagan equivocate….Read Supreme Court coverage from NY Times here

--decision in Arizona redistricting case is good for California, but AZ system has flaws that could be fixed by new voter referendum, as Bradblog reports; read NY Times analysis here

--at last minute, Court puts Texas anti-abortion law on hold as appeals are filed

--this term is seen as one of the most liberal in recent court history

--as Greece defaults on Europe’s payday loans, Tsipras floats last-ditch plan to say with Euro

--Brazil’s president visits Obama, but he won’t apologize for spying on her

--FISA Court OK’s renewal of phone records collection for 6 months, a bizarre result of the “reform” in USA Freedom Act

--New York state officially bans fracking

--NBC, which created and profited from the myths of Donald Trump’s brilliance and success, fired the blowhard bully yesterday

--Occupy Democrats infographics appeal to lefties, but don’t reflect positions of almost all Dem elected