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PBC News & Comment: Sam the Vampire Alito Goes Cruel & Unusual on Lethal Injections

Sneering at obvious evidence from botched executions, Alito gives states license for barbaric executions, as Sotomayor and Kagan equivocate….Read Supreme Court coverage from NY Times here

–decision in Arizona redistricting case is good for California, but AZ system has flaws that could be fixed by new voter referendum, as Bradblog reports; read NY Times analysis here

–at last minute, Court puts Texas anti-abortion law on hold as appeals are filed

–this term is seen as one of the most liberal in recent court history

–as Greece defaults on Europe’s payday loans, Tsipras floats last-ditch plan to say with Euro

–Brazil’s president visits Obama, but he won’t apologize for spying on her

–FISA Court OK’s renewal of phone records collection for 6 months, a bizarre result of the “reform” in USA Freedom Act

–New York state officially bans fracking

–NBC, which created and profited from the myths of Donald Trump’s brilliance and success, fired the blowhard bully yesterday

–Occupy Democrats infographics appeal to lefties, but don’t reflect positions of almost all Dem elected