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Environmental Activist, Visionary Randy Hayes Fights Climate Change and Many Other Environmental Threats

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Randy Hayes, co-founder of Rainforest Action Network and the new Foundation Earth, joins us to talk about a range of issues he’s working on, from climate change to global infrastructure planning to reforestation.Hayes is a brilliant, big-picture thinker who covers a lot of ground in this in-depth interview.

We open with a discussion of an open letter to world leaders that Hayes authored, aimed at changing the agenda for the G20 summit later this year.  You can read the letter and learn more about Foundation Earth here.

We talk about the new encyclical from Pope Francis, and the momentum it offers environmentalists and those who seek a new economic order.  Hayes describes the need to re-vision the future for sustainable life on Earth, starting with big infrastructure projects based on old thinking.

We talk about the gap between Obama’s words and actions, how his support for TPP negates some of his initiatives on climate change, Bill McKibben’s misplaced emphasis on Keystone, Stewart Brand’s embrace of nuclear power, and a number of other issues.  We also touch on Hayes’ new Declaration to Double Native Forests.