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PBC News & Comment: US Will Re-open Embassy, Renew Diplomatic Relations With Cuba

Obama announces US will re-open embassy in Havana, and urges Congress to lift trade embargo; Radio Habana is available online….

We open with Rancid’s “Radio Havana” as PBC reflects on listening to shortwave broadcasts being jammed in 1961. Listen to Radio Habana today here

–in Greek crisis, Tsipras relents to most of banker demands, but icy Merkel refuses to negotiate until after Sunday’s referendum

–American economist James Henry says the fight over Greece is really about regime change

–British shoe salesman launches crowdfunding for Greece, raising 1.1 mil euros from 65,000 people in 3 days

–in our latest in-depth interview, Brad Friedman explains Supreme Court ruling on Arizona redistricting, and we compare that to California’s approach

–Obama delivers big raise for manager types who are “exempt” from overtime

–under pressure from Jason Leopold’s lawsuit, State Dept. releases a packet of Hillary Clinton’s emails, some heavily redacted

–Hillary campaign releases video ridiculing Benghazi investigations

–Tunisian beach killer reportedly was trained in Libya

–media trumpets dubious links to IS by recent attackers in Sinai, Gaza

–in Gaza, friends of IS challenge Hamas, as other radicals hit IS allies

–in Syria, IS beheadings draw decapitation of IS fighters by Jaish al Islam

–new IS video condemns Hamas, as IS beheads 2 women for “sorcery”

–what will US do with widow of IS bookkeeper?

–3 more American church groups vote to support BDS against Israel

–7th black church in the South burns down

–California Gov. Jerry Brown signs new law requiring vaccinations