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PBC News & Comment: US Will Re-open Embassy, Renew Diplomatic Relations With Cuba

Obama announces US will re-open embassy in Havana, and urges Congress to lift trade embargo; Radio Habana is available online….

We open with Rancid’s “Radio Havana” as PBC reflects on listening to shortwave broadcasts being jammed in 1961. Listen to Radio Habana today here

--in Greek crisis, Tsipras relents to most of banker demands, but icy Merkel refuses to negotiate until after Sunday’s referendum

--American economist James Henry says the fight over Greece is really about regime change

--British shoe salesman launches crowdfunding for Greece, raising 1.1 mil euros from 65,000 people in 3 days

--in our latest in-depth interview, Brad Friedman explains Supreme Court ruling on Arizona redistricting, and we compare that to California’s approach

--Obama delivers big raise for manager types who are “exempt” from overtime

--under pressure from Jason Leopold’s lawsuit, State Dept. releases a packet of Hillary Clinton’s emails, some heavily redacted

--Hillary campaign releases video ridiculing Benghazi investigations

--Tunisian beach killer reportedly was trained in Libya

--media trumpets dubious links to IS by recent attackers in Sinai, Gaza

--in Gaza, friends of IS challenge Hamas, as other radicals hit IS allies

--in Syria, IS beheadings draw decapitation of IS fighters by Jaish al Islam

--new IS video condemns Hamas, as IS beheads 2 women for “sorcery”

--what will US do with widow of IS bookkeeper?

--3 more American church groups vote to support BDS against Israel

--7th black church in the South burns down

--California Gov. Jerry Brown signs new law requiring vaccinations