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PBC News & Comment: IMF Lifts Its Boot From the Windpipe of Greece, a Little

Better late than…..IMF finally concedes that Greece needs 20-year freeze on debt repayment and “breathing space” to stabilize, grow….

--Sunday’s referendum is first since 1974, and the language is confusing—relating to a deal that has expired

--based on first 6 months of 2015, US is on pace for 1,100 killings by police this year, with blacks twice as likely to die

--BP settles with states and federal government over Deepwater Horizon blowout, total will be about $40 billion, reckless offshore drilling continues

--one-term Sen. Jim Webb runs for Dem prez nomination as militarist-with-a-brain

--Bernie Sanders draws huge throng in Madison, is closing the gap with Hillary in fundraising and polls

--Greenwald drops more Snowden docs, exposing XKEYSCORE’s “full take” of internet traffic

--in unusual editorial, NY Times comments on spat between NYC Mayor DiBlasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo—rooting for the mayor over Cuomo’s bullying

--in lucid commentary at National Catholic Reporter, Father Tom Reese offers sage advice to US Bishops on responding to gay marriage ruling

--Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments monument ordered removed from capitol by state Supreme Court

--Oregonians will celebrate their freedom to smoke pot recreationally this holiday weekend

--listener Andy Dral notes the names of Democrats who voted to end meat labeling in deference to trade deal

--listener Mike Lamb reminds us that July 2nd is anniversary of agreement on Declaration of Independence, and requested the 5th Dimension’s sung version; his request is granted