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PBC News & Comment: IMF Lifts Its Boot From the Windpipe of Greece, a Little

Better late than…..IMF finally concedes that Greece needs 20-year freeze on debt repayment and “breathing space” to stabilize, grow….

–Sunday’s referendum is first since 1974, and the language is confusing—relating to a deal that has expired

–based on first 6 months of 2015, US is on pace for 1,100 killings by police this year, with blacks twice as likely to die

–BP settles with states and federal government over Deepwater Horizon blowout, total will be about $40 billion, reckless offshore drilling continues

–one-term Sen. Jim Webb runs for Dem prez nomination as militarist-with-a-brain

–Bernie Sanders draws huge throng in Madison, is closing the gap with Hillary in fundraising and polls

–Greenwald drops more Snowden docs, exposing XKEYSCORE’s “full take” of internet traffic

–in unusual editorial, NY Times comments on spat between NYC Mayor DiBlasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo—rooting for the mayor over Cuomo’s bullying

–in lucid commentary at National Catholic Reporter, Father Tom Reese offers sage advice to US Bishops on responding to gay marriage ruling

–Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments monument ordered removed from capitol by state Supreme Court

–Oregonians will celebrate their freedom to smoke pot recreationally this holiday weekend

–listener Andy Dral notes the names of Democrats who voted to end meat labeling in deference to trade deal

–listener Mike Lamb reminds us that July 2nd is anniversary of agreement on Declaration of Independence, and requested the 5th Dimension’s sung version; his request is granted