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PBC News & Comment: Obama Commutes Sentences of 46 Offenders, Will Visit Federal Prison

Long-awaited commutations of extreme sentences in nonviolent drug cases are announced, Obama will meet with prisoners at medium security prison….

–Greece knuckles under to draconian debt deal that’s worse than the one rejected 2 weeks ago

–as we await expected announcement of nuke deal with Iran, Gareth Porter reports that Obama tried to change terms, and delay a deal for political reasons

–was the Charleston church shooting a terrorist act? Faiza Patel of NYU’s Brennan Center on the Law discusses her recent op-ed

–activists in Oakland work to pass laws to regulate purchase and use of spy tech like Stingray

–prodded by activist (former) members like Dr. Jeff Kaye, American Psychological Assn. releases report admitting ethical improprieties in CIA torture, and apology

–former FBI director leads defense of APA ethics director who was fired after the report was completed

–in op-ed, psychiatrist says that Hippocratic oath prevents MD’s from participating in torture….but did it?

–video footage contradicts account of Israeli forces who killed Palestinian teenager on July 3

–Katy Butler writes powerful op-ed for NY Times on end-of-life issues

–on next page, former SDS leader Todd Gitlin writes nice profile of Bernie Sanders the ‘60’s radical, ending with the gratuitous prediction that Bernie can’t win