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The Sanders Surge Leads to Squabbles Among Democrats and Progressives

Everybody’s a pundit and an expert these days, and even lefties who agree they don’t support Hillary Clinton can’t agree on an alternative candidate.  Driven by remarks posted on an anti-Clinton Facebook page, your humble host has some comments…..The Facebook page “Democrats Against Hillary Clinton for President in 2016” was set up by Steve Yelich, a well-informed Florida beer truck driver. A few weeks back, he announced he was going to shut down the page because too many people were promoting Sen. Bernie Sanders, and (presumably Yelich) flatly stated that Sanders can’t win.

While it’s not clear if Yelich is still running the page, recent posts show a decided tilt toward Martin O’Malley as the preferred alternative of the page’s manager and a spate of “Sanders Can’t Win” articles.  This has produced major blowback from readers, who accuse Clinton or other nefarious players of hijacking the page.

Amid these squabbles, PBC notes that the election is 16 months away, and that Hillary’s considerable baggage could take her out of the race and force Democrats to choose an alternative.  And that the weak Republican field can create the climate for a Sanders win.  Please listen, and offer your comments: