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PBC News & Comment: Gareth Porter Offers Independent Analysis of Deal with Iran

In our new in-depth interview, Gareth Porter reviews Iran’s clever strategy of using its nuclear program to break international sanctions…..

--in excerpt, journalist Porter notes that he accepted the West’s view of Iran’s nuclear intentions until he began investigating in 2006

--new WikiLeaks leak shows Saudi obsession with Iran

--in cruel move, German finance minister suggests Greece should leave the Euro, after Greece met the blackmail demands to stay in the Euro

--in blistering editorial, NY Times slams ObamaCo for silence as Egypt becomes maximum police state

--Egyptian navy boat is hit off Sinai

--breaking news from Chattanooga, where at least 4 are dead in shootings that targeted military recruitment center

--Japan takes steps to end the military disarmament imposed by the US after WWII

--Al Gore breaks his silence, criticizes Obama on climate change, Arctic drilling

--We Could Use Some of That Dept: Germany belatedly convicts 94-year-old who worked at Auschwitz;

--Macedonian prime minister will step down, after revelations of large-scale wiretapping

--The Donald claims net worth of $10 billion, but David Cay Johnston has 21 questions for Der Trumper