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PBC News & Comment: Gareth Porter Offers Independent Analysis of Deal with Iran

In our new in-depth interview, Gareth Porter reviews Iran’s clever strategy of using its nuclear program to break international sanctions…..

–in excerpt, journalist Porter notes that he accepted the West’s view of Iran’s nuclear intentions until he began investigating in 2006

–new WikiLeaks leak shows Saudi obsession with Iran

–in cruel move, German finance minister suggests Greece should leave the Euro, after Greece met the blackmail demands to stay in the Euro

–in blistering editorial, NY Times slams ObamaCo for silence as Egypt becomes maximum police state

–Egyptian navy boat is hit off Sinai

–breaking news from Chattanooga, where at least 4 are dead in shootings that targeted military recruitment center

–Japan takes steps to end the military disarmament imposed by the US after WWII

–Al Gore breaks his silence, criticizes Obama on climate change, Arctic drilling

–We Could Use Some of That Dept: Germany belatedly convicts 94-year-old who worked at Auschwitz;

–Macedonian prime minister will step down, after revelations of large-scale wiretapping

–The Donald claims net worth of $10 billion, but David Cay Johnston has 21 questions for Der Trumper