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PBC News & Comment: Obama Goes to Prison

Obama’s lame-duck efforts to reform criminal justice are welcome, and a good start; he needs to lead Congress, not follow…..

–Restorative Justice International is mentioned, their website is here

–daily diet of videos of abusive cops: Colorado jail scene, LA cops killing unarmed man 2 years ago, now Sandra Bland’s “suicide” in Texas jail

–Chattanooga shooting suspect spent time in Jordan last year, but FBI says no direct ties to terror groups, and no FBI informant in the case

–clearly insane James Holmes is convicted of murder in Batman movie killings

–in Wisconsin, partisan supreme court blocks investigation into Gov. Walker’s 2012 campaign violations, indication of big money free-for-all in 2016

–federal judge rules in favor of government withholding documents on targeted drone killings of Americans

–same tactics used in takedown of ACORN are deployed against Planned Parenthood in phony fetal tissue scandal

–US agrees with other nations to stop fishing in the Arctic, but not oil drilling

–one year after Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine, US has never proved its assertion that Russian-backed fighters were responsible

–five years after Israel attacked Mavi Marmara, unusual move by International Criminal Court orders prosecutor to take another look

–as our roads and bridges crumble, Congress refuses to raise gas tax and some propose low tax on offshore corporate profits to fill potholes