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PBC News & Comment: Turkey Enters Syrian War, Allows US to Use Airbases

In major escalation of Syrian war, Turkey attacks Islamic State and agrees to pact with US that includes Incirlik airbase…..

In our latest in-depth interview, Phyllis Bennis of Institute for Policy Studies details the complex fight in Syria, 7 to 9 distinct wars

–in Baghdad photo op, Defense Secretary Carter inspects 3500 new Iraqi army soldiers, trained by the US

–in the wake of Hurricane Donald, GOP presidential candidates are desperate for attention—Ted Cruz calls Mitch McConnell a liar from Senate floor

–good analysis of the opposition in Washington to Iran deal in al Jazeera

–Hillary’s emails draw possible criminal investigation

at The Intercept, Trevor Aaronson details another FBI frameup of “domestic terrorist” who was mentally ill, and broke

–Texas autopsy of Sandra Bland supports suicide, but many questions linger

–new poll shows blacks and whites think race relations are at low point

–in removing offensive monuments to slavery and Confederacy, how far do we go?

–FBI is still treating Chattanooga shootings last week as “lone wolf”, no connected to terrorists’ suspect’s uncle is released in Jordan

–following marriage equality ruling, House Dems launch effort to ban LGBT bias