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PBC News & Comment: Tables Turned, Kerry Defends Iran Deal in Senate Hearing

In grilling before the Senate committee he used to chair, Kerry defends Iran deal as hawks repeat Israeli talking points…

--in view of Iran deal, will US cancel its Star Wars defense plans for Poland, Czech Republic? Pepe Escobar comments

--Turkey reports first direct clash with IS at Syrian border

--US drone strike claims to kill top leader of mysterious Khorosan group, again

--NY Times columnist Charles Blow has important questions about Sandra Bland’s arrest and jailing

--Hillary Clinton panders to black activists with re-used line about facing the “hard truths about race and justice”

--Manhattan judge orders release of misconduct report on cop in Eric Garner case

--White House says it is drafting plan to close Guantanamo

--Ecuador and Sweden fight over terms for Snowden questioning in London

--House poised to pass Monstanto’s federal pre-emption of state laws to label GMO products

--in bizarre death, Los Angeles man who claimed to be a spy had more than 1200 weapons, left strange final instructions