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PBC News & Comment: Tables Turned, Kerry Defends Iran Deal in Senate Hearing

In grilling before the Senate committee he used to chair, Kerry defends Iran deal as hawks repeat Israeli talking points…

–in view of Iran deal, will US cancel its Star Wars defense plans for Poland, Czech Republic? Pepe Escobar comments

–Turkey reports first direct clash with IS at Syrian border

–US drone strike claims to kill top leader of mysterious Khorosan group, again

–NY Times columnist Charles Blow has important questions about Sandra Bland’s arrest and jailing

–Hillary Clinton panders to black activists with re-used line about facing the “hard truths about race and justice”

–Manhattan judge orders release of misconduct report on cop in Eric Garner case

–White House says it is drafting plan to close Guantanamo

–Ecuador and Sweden fight over terms for Snowden questioning in London

–House poised to pass Monstanto’s federal pre-emption of state laws to label GMO products

–in bizarre death, Los Angeles man who claimed to be a spy had more than 1200 weapons, left strange final instructions