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PBC News & Comment: Comments from Desperate Republicans Range from Reckless to Ridiculous

From Ethiopia, Obama smacks back at GOP presidential candidates desperate for attention as Trump stunts get all the media attention…..

--following the Ted Cruz stunt on Friday, senators in rare Sunday session slam Cruz for calling McConnell a liar, and no members defend Cruz

--NY Times is reeling from its report last week of “criminal inquiry” into Hillary Clinton’s emails, public editor Margaret Sullivan breaks it down

--in our new in-depth interview, author Ira Chaleff talks about "intelligent disobedience", when to disobey an improper directive

--Obama’s deal with Turkey to enter war against IS goes sideways quickly, as Turkey struck Kurds in Iraq, showing Erdogan has his own agenda

--Turkey calls for NATO meeting as Kurds respond to Turk attack

--Joe Stiglitz compares Greece to “19th century debtors prison” in strong op-ed

--in Kenya, Obama lectures Kenyatta on gay discrimination

--Sandra Bland’s funeral outside Chicago draws pledges of federal investigation

--federal judge in California orders release of immigrant mothers and children from corporate prison, citing “widespread deplorable conditions”

--Woz, Elon & Hawking warn of killer robots, and artificial intelligence conflicts

--Gov. Jerry Brown’s strong statements at the Vatican lead to criticism of his oil & gas policies in California

--to reduce public urination, San Francisco uses paint that splashes the pisser