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PBC News & Comment: Vulture Funds to Puerto Rico: “It’s Greek to Me”

Puerto Rico is insolvent, can’t file bankruptcy, banksters demand austerity like Greece, including school closures, teacher layoffs, public property sales

–federal appeals court affirms that Puerto Rican municipalities can’t use bankruptcy, but public corporations can

–in first few days of deal with Obama, Turkey goes rogue and hammers Kurds much more than IS; Juan Cole details Ankara’s moves

–Turkey gets love and kisses from NATO for its fascist tendencies

–new CNN national poll shows Bernie Sanders beating Bush, Walker, Trump

–in his latest FOIA-fueled expose, Jason Leopold reports that CIA paid a favored contractor $40 million to support—and impede—Senate torture review

–Navy investigates report of cancer cluster at Guantanamo

–special team will investigate Sandra Bland’s death as a homicide

–in Cleveland, Ralkina Jones was found dead in a cell Sunday morning, had been taken to hospital the day before

–State Dept upgrades Malaysia in human rights report, critics say it’s to grease passage of TPP

–after 2 years of silence, White House responds to petition for pardon for Ed Snowden, with silly talking points

–listener Carl Howard tips us to Muckrock, more info on Stingray and related surveillance tools

–John Oliver’s HBO show combines satire with social justice, this week on minimum mandatory sentences

New York magazine’s dramatic cover depicts many of Cosby’s accusers, and an empty chair for those who are still unknown